Angry Birds Go! Beat The Blues 3/3 #22



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Angry Birds GO! is an upcoming racing game.

It is the first 3D Angry Birds game but this the second game you can play as pigs, the first being Angry Birds (If you get the golden pig, you can launch pigs and hit birds.).

The game will involve downhill racing, with upgradable vehicles and character-specific power-ups. The game is also going to use the Telepods like Angry Birds Star Wars II, as in karts that can be teleported into the game. This will be the seventh installment of Angry Birds, and it will be released on December 11, 2013.

Each birds, each pigs have an awesome special power.

Red: jump up
The Blues: push any character behind them backward
Chuck: go faster by the rocket (faster than The Blues)
Matilda: unknown
Bomb: Leaving TNT behind
Terence: getting stronger
Hal: Shooting Boomerangs
Bubbles: expands to huge size about five seconds and roll down
Stella: blow bubbles and fly to the sky.
Corporal Pig: unknown
Foreman Pig: Piloting with explosion
King Pig: fly to the sky by his balloons.

- This game uses Hal in his new design from the Coca-Cola Trailer.
- Matilda, King Pig, Moustache Pig, and Corporal Pig are in their Toons appearances as well.
- The game includes power ups similar to Mario Kart.
- Many of the birds have the ability to use their powers, similar to the games.
- The Birds (Red, White, Orange, and Pink (in-game)) are the only ones with eyewear.
- This is the first Angry Birds game to be played in a 3D perspective and also is the first to feature CGI.
- This game will be the second free full game, the first one was Rio and Rio is now free for all time!
Red Bird's power in this game is the same as Red in Angry Birds Coca-Cola - jump up.
Stella's power is just as useful as King Pig's power.