Aquaponics Philippines, MADE Cascade System with Filtration



Modular Aquaponics Design and Equipment

MADE in the Philippines

MADE Cascade System with the addition of the MADE Filtration Module

MADE Cascade System Components:

1200 Lit FRP Fish Tank
450 Lit FRP Flood and Drain Growbed
450 Lit FRP Floating Raft Growbed
20 lpm centrifugal pump
Small polycarbonate Greenhouse
MADE 5000 Lit Capacity Filter Module

Filter Module Compartments:

(It has a 5 compartment design)

1. Vortex Filtration
2. Brush Filtration
3. Filter Mat/ Spaghetti Mat
4. Static Bed/ Packed Media Filtration
5. Moving Bed Filtration

It has 3 Drain points to remove solids during maintenance

For Ultimate solids filtration so a higher Fish density can be achieved.

Specially MADE to boost your Aquaponics System's Performance